Twenty-third day W 7/29/20

START:  Keys Gap   WV Rt.9    4:28 am
FINISH: Warner Gap Road     7:45 pm
40.5 miles    15:17   2.6 mph
1,060.7 total miles      46.1 mpd

Hot  humid   no rain    but not many bugs

Although the miles might not show it, today was a good day for Mercury.
Virginia and West Virginia are now in the rear-view mirror.
Foot blisters continue to improve. Left shin splint still prevents running but her walking pace has increased.
Mercury’s parents visited for the second time and their interest/support is appreciated. Mercury also had Sara, a local runner, walk with her all morning which was also appreciated.
Mercury called it a day while there was still light so she could enjoy the sound of a stream at the best trail/road crossing in MD – which, by the way, is NOT I-70! – to lull her to a decent night’s sleep.
Jupiter is avoiding the center of the solar system during these hot days by restricting his orbit to either shady areas (tree-wise that is) or interiors with air-conditioning, which is NOT auction-bought 275,000 mile Pegasus.
Onward to PA and Sheetz hot dogs!


Published by Warren Doyle

Has walked the entire Appalachian Trail more times than anyone else - 18 times.