Embracing the Forgettable

Ah, January, my least favorite of the months. The holidays are over, the days are dark, the weather is cold and wet, the mundane routine is back, and summer is far, far away. I kicked the year off in Boston with a chilly out-and-back run with Glenn on the Boston Marathon course–a little preview of what’s to come inContinue reading “Embracing the Forgettable”

Bitter or Better

“You don’t get to just come back into my life like that, like a f-cking zombie! I killed you!” “I just want you back.” “You don’t get it, Marty. You are dead to me, and I can’t have you resurrecting yourself.” “You stopped calling, you stopped trying. How did you do it?” “Well, I made youContinue reading “Bitter or Better”