AT Piano Compositions

On this special episode of Tracklandia, I had the pleasure of getting to share a medley of some of the music I composed in my head while hiking the AT. I included three distinct pieces.

The first one is super ethereal and dreamy, and it reminds me of hiking at night under the stars in North Carolina in a very sleep-deprived state. A mantra I repeated to myself was, “Give it what little you can”. Once you hear it, you can see how the melody fits with those words exactly.

The second piece is a bright, swirling, layered round that was in my head through all of Virginia, while I was trying not to freak out about my goals and dreams crumbling before me (so dramatic, haha).

The last of the three is what was in my head as I was climbing Katahdin. It starts as sort of a resolute march and brings back some of the dreamy elements from the very beginning of the hike. As I continued to ascend, the notes went up a couple octaves. The “Give it what little you can” melody returns at the end, but with completely different chords underneath, making it much more satisfying and offering a sense of contentedness.