Mercury on the Long Trail

On August 16th, Liz Anjos, aka “Mercury”, ended her Long Trail FKT attempt at the Maine Junction, where the LT meets the Appalachian Trail. Despite not reaching her FKT goal, she ended her journey having completed every step of the Long Trail.

You can still help Liz reach her goal of fundraising $2,720 for the Green Mountain Club, the founders/maintainers of the Long Trail, by donating to GMC by August 28th in honor of Long Trail Day!

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On Thursday, August 12th, I (Liz Anjos / Mercury) will attempt a supported fastest known time on the Long Trail, the oldest continuous footpath in the U.S. I will be supported by the dream team Adrienne Mitford, Jen Henry, and Warren Doyle (Jupiter). The journey will begin at the northern terminus at the Vermont/Canada border, with a goal of covering the 272 miles to the Vermont/Massachusetts state line under 5 days, 2 hrs, 37 minutes, the current women’s supported record held by Alyssa Godesky.

I wouldn’t dare to try something like this if it weren’t for the courageous, adventurous women that took a leap on this beautiful and gnarly trail before me: Alyssa GodeskyNikki KimballJennifer Pharr DavisNika Meyers, and Mikaela Osler. Each one of them has an incredible story to share and has served as a huge inspiration to me in planning this hike. The trail has some incredible history on the men’s side as well, including Ben Feinson‘s amazing supported run this summer, breaking Jonathan Basham‘s record which stood for 12 years prior, and Joe McConaughy dipping under five days in a self-supported FKT last summer. My friends and mentors David Horton and Warren Doyle have each set records on the trail. David Horton says I can’t beat his time of 4 days and 22 hours. :)

L to R: Warren Doyle (Jupiter), Liz Anjos (Mercury), Jen Henry, Adrienne Mitford

Giving Back: The Long Trail is a very very special place, with thanks to the volunteer maintainers of the Green Mountain Club that make it so. Please join me in celebrating Long Trail Day, coming up on August 28th, by making a donation to GMC on my fundraising page. My goal is to fundraise $2,720.00 for GMC. That’s $10 for each mile of the trail!

About the Long Trail: Vermont’s Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border. Built between 1910 and 1930, it was the vision of James P. Taylor and later became the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail. The LT and AT share 105.5 miles of trail in the southern part of the state.

On the Long Trail, hikers encounter the best natural features Vermont has to offer, including pristine ponds, alpine sedge, hardwood forests, and swift streams. Known as the “footpath in the wilderness,” it is easy in few sections and rugged in most. Steep inclines and plenty of mud present hikers with a multitude of challenges. Source: Green Mountain Club

Visitors: It is okay to come run/hike with me on the trail; however it is important to be self-sufficient, responsible for your own safety, and prepared with your own food, drink, and transportation. Please respect Leave No Trace principles and any decisions the crew and I need to make that might affect you.

Thank you to my sponsors/partners for their support:

Spring Energy is my fuel of choice whether on the roads or trails. Their gels and drink mixes are made with real food and they taste great! I became a believer in Spring Energy after using their Oatmeal Energy packs and Speednut gels during my FKT on the Appalachian Trail. Use my referral code for 15% off your next order.

M1ndurance is an ultra running community based in central PA created for likeminded runners to inspire, share, and celebrate each other’s epic feats or falls. They will be providing crew support and sharing live updates on Facebook and Instagram for all of my events in 2021!

Till I Die is a performance apparel company with roots in (aprés) ski based in Killington, Vermont. I met them while out on a hike up Camels Hump; they set me up with some awesome gear for the LT. I’m super appreciative of their enthusiastic support!