Talladega Nights: My Thru-Hike of the Pinhoti Trail

It’s been nearly a week since completing the Pinhoti Trail, but I feel as though the journey hasn’t stopped! After a half day of rest at the Pinhoti Outdoor Center, I hopped on a flight back to Portland and dove right back into work the next morning (I’ve been helping out as a teacher aid in anContinue reading “Talladega Nights: My Thru-Hike of the Pinhoti Trail”

Spring Breaker: Hiking the Pinhoti Trail

[Originally published Sunday, March 13th, 2022 via my newsletter] In less than a week, I’ll hop on a flight to Atlanta and embark on a new kind of journey, the kind I’ve dreamed about for some time but haven’t quite taken the leap to do. I’ve always wondered what I could do on a longContinue reading “Spring Breaker: Hiking the Pinhoti Trail”

Trail Dancing

I just spent seven days on the Pacific Crest Trail with my very good friend KT and her husband Stephen. KT, still on the trail now, is on the way to fulfill her dream of running and hiking through Washington on the PCT while Stephen provides support along the way. I supported by hiking with KT for fiveContinue reading “Trail Dancing”