404 Runner Not Found: Chicago Marathon Recap

“I have a good feeling about tomorrow. I feel really good.” That’s what I told my husband AndrĂ© the night before running the Chicago Marathon. My training leading up to the race had gone as well as I could have asked for. The 60, 70, and 80+ mile weeks had been logged. I could runContinue reading “404 Runner Not Found: Chicago Marathon Recap”

Drawing on Heroes, Art, and Imagination

Last weekend I ran the 2016 Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon. It was my first time running it since it was established in 2011 and afterward I couldn’t believe what I had been missing all these years. It was by far one of the prettiest courses I’d ever experienced and one of the most challengingContinue reading “Drawing on Heroes, Art, and Imagination”

Duking it Out at Doukenie

Last weekend I flew across the country to Virginia to hang out with my sister and friends, enjoy a weekend of fine dining and wine, and oh, race the VA Wine Country Half Marathon! Leading up to this race I had some of the best running weeks of my life. I ran some of my fastest intervals onContinue reading “Duking it Out at Doukenie”

The Lilac Bloomsday Run: An Epic Journey of Ordinary Heroes

On Sunday, May 1st I raced in the Lilac Bloomsday Run, a 12K that’s been held annually in Spokane, Washington since 1977. The race was created by Don Kardong, who while on a training run with a buddy likened running a race to an odyssey, an epic journey. He charted a course that would beContinue reading “The Lilac Bloomsday Run: An Epic Journey of Ordinary Heroes”

Fields, Flowers, and Alpacas: A Corvallis Half Recap

This past weekend I raced in the Corvallis Half Marathon. I had mentioned to my coach Greg that I was interested in trying some new races this year and this was the first one he suggested. I’m so glad he did! I had never been to Corvallis, which is home to Oregon State University and locatedContinue reading “Fields, Flowers, and Alpacas: A Corvallis Half Recap”

Race Report: Boulder XC National Champs

My goal going into the USATF Cross Country National Championship was to not finish last. It wasn’t an entirely unreasonable objective- I would be up against some of the toughest runners in the country! I arrived in Boulder two days before the race with my husband Andre. That afternoon, we went for a little hikeContinue reading “Race Report: Boulder XC National Champs”

Chasing the Sub-3 Dream in Philly

While waiting for the horn to signal the start of the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon, I couldn’t stop shivering. It was frigid outside. Perfect for running, but not perfect for standing around in shorts and a singlet. I had jogged for about ten minutes and had done all of my skips, leg swings, and A-skips inContinue reading “Chasing the Sub-3 Dream in Philly”

The Finish Line: Boston Marathon Recap

On Monday I took part in what some are calling the greatest day in running history. It was a day of healing, celebration, and for me, a day to overcome. I ran the Boston Marathon! Early that morning, there was an energetic and positive vibe in the athlete’s village in Hopkinton. Everyone, including myself, seemedContinue reading “The Finish Line: Boston Marathon Recap”