Catamount 50K: Oh, the Humanity (and Humidity)!

This photo from the Catamount 50K makes me giggle. I see a strong, confident, playful person crossing the finish line and wouldn’t guess she’d spent the past 30+ miles feeling like a giant wimp. The mountains will humble you like that! I went into this race feeling a little apprehensive. I knew I was inContinue reading “Catamount 50K: Oh, the Humanity (and Humidity)!”

A Sleepless Night on the BMT

Debbie and I rolled up to the Lakeshore Trailhead just in the nick of time. We were shocked, in a good way, to see Tara power walking down the road toward the parking lot we’d planned to meet at, well before her predicted time of “no sooner than 8:00pm” (it was presently around 7:00pm). SheContinue reading “A Sleepless Night on the BMT”

Someone in the Crowd: Boston Marathon ’22 Race Report

I don’t know if there are two more opposite endurance events than hiking solo for seven days and nights in the woods, to tearing down a paved course from Hopkinton to Boston for a few concentrated hours, elbow-to-elbow in a sea of runners. I never heard the starting gun since we were so far back, butContinue reading “Someone in the Crowd: Boston Marathon ’22 Race Report”

Talladega Nights: My Thru-Hike of the Pinhoti Trail

It’s been nearly a week since completing the Pinhoti Trail, but I feel as though the journey hasn’t stopped! After a half day of rest at the Pinhoti Outdoor Center, I hopped on a flight back to Portland and dove right back into work the next morning (I’ve been helping out as a teacher aid in anContinue reading “Talladega Nights: My Thru-Hike of the Pinhoti Trail”

Hellgate 100K: Stoking the Fire Within

Photo by Jay Proffitt “Pay me now, or pay me later.” This infamous quote from the Hellgate 100K race director, Dr. David Horton, pretty much sums up how your race will go depending on how much blood, sweat, and tears went into your training. How much were you willing to sacrifice then, or how much areContinue reading “Hellgate 100K: Stoking the Fire Within”

Playing Support: Bryce Canyon 100 Recap

Last weekend I had my first experience crewing a friend in a 100 mile race. The thought of taking on a supporting role in an endeavor like this has always been daunting to me because of the responsibility involved. It would mean being exactly in the right place well ahead of time, remembering which suppliesContinue reading “Playing Support: Bryce Canyon 100 Recap”

Running Out of Time: SCAR FKT Recap

THE APPROACH “I feel foolish for trying.”“I think you’d be foolish not to try.” “I don’t want to let you or anyone down.”“You won’t be letting me or anyone else down. I know you will give it your all.” “I’m wondering if I’m playing with fire here.”“Are you playing with fire? I have to sayContinue reading “Running Out of Time: SCAR FKT Recap”