Back to Before (Boston Marathon Preview)

Last Sunday, after crossing the finish line at the local Bridge to Brews 10K, I joined a throng of runners at the post-race party on the grassy waterfront park in downtown Portland. An energetic cover band was blasting some tunes, and my friends and I celebrated our completed races with commemorative plastic cups filled with beerContinue reading “Back to Before (Boston Marathon Preview)”

Roots and Blossoms

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with photographer, runner, and fellow Portlander Bobby Rivera. We met while working at Portland Running Company and he recently landed a gig at Columbia Sportswear! This is one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. We began at the waterfront where the cherry blossoms had just begun toContinue reading “Roots and Blossoms”

Cold, Hard Facts are a Runner’s Best Friend

The good: my hamstring that sidelined me last month is totally better! I rehabbed and cross-trained like a pro and followed my doctor’s orders to a T as I gradually introduced running back into my routine over several weeks. I missed out on indoor track, but still have my sights set on some later springContinue reading “Cold, Hard Facts are a Runner’s Best Friend”

A Tale of Three Runners

On Saturday morning as the sun started to peek over the dusty, desert-like slopes of the Marin Headlands, I gave one last hug to each of my three shivering friends, Dani, Sarah, and Shasta before they joined a small crowd of mismatched, backpack-toting trail runners lining up for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K. As the raceContinue reading “A Tale of Three Runners”

Hello, San Francisco!

As I write this I’m flying southbound toward San Francisco for a weekend in the Marin Headlands for The North Face Endurance Challenge! I’m traveling with three of my closest friends, who all happen to be trail monsters and will be running the series’ 50K tomorrow. That’s 31 miles! I, however, will be cheering them on and willContinue reading “Hello, San Francisco!”