A Long Way to Go

Maybe I’m tempting fate. Or is it simply a calculated risk? Should I listen to the alarm bells going off in my head, permeating through my body in shivers and shakes? What if? What if? What if? As an athlete, I’m continually seeking to expand my limits when it comes to my physical and mentalContinue reading “A Long Way to Go”

A Time to Heal

It’s possible, and okay, to feel more than one thing. I tried to remind myself of that as I spent my last waking moments of 2020 sniffling in bed being comforted by my husband Andre, my thoughts ricocheting in my head like a pinball on all the times I let down or disappointed people thisContinue reading “A Time to Heal”

A Choice to Be

I don’t know how the day got away from me. After spending the afternoon responding to a slew of emails and checking off to-dos, I eyed the clock and realized I had exactly thirty minutes to make it across town, during rush hour, to drop off a batch of apparel at the screen printers beforeContinue reading “A Choice to Be”

A Quiet December

This December has been a quiet one, filled with a lot of reminiscing about this summer and processing all of it. I knew as soon as I finished the Appalachian Trail, the next thing I wanted to do was to write a book about it. I think it’s important to have an account of whatContinue reading “A Quiet December”

Musings from Mercury

From Springer Mountain in Georgia to Katahdin in Maine, my nearly 52 days spent on the Appalachian Trail were like a hyperlapse of rising and falling suns, moons, stars, storms, calm, mountains, valleys… it wasn’t so much a daily endeavor, but more like a singular continuous stretch, moving ever forward. I felt so confident andContinue reading “Musings from Mercury”

Jupiter’s Final Reflection on Mercury’s AT Transit

From a misty, moist midnight start on Springer (7/7) to a crystal-clear, cool, windy late afternoon end atop Katahdin (8/27), it was a journey of relentless forward motion steeped in perseverance, resiliency, focus, discipline, patience, adaptability, and sound decision-making.  It was a trek filled with natural beauty, smooth teamwork, intelligence, raw emotion and overcoming fear/self-doubt.Continue reading “Jupiter’s Final Reflection on Mercury’s AT Transit”


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