It’s That Simple

“When I get home, I’m going through my closet and getting rid of everything. I have so much clothing and things I don’t need.” I had paused outside of the little shop at Abol Bridge to say hello to several thru-hikers I’d met in the 100 Mile Wilderness of Maine. They had begun their hikes in GeorgiaContinue reading “It’s That Simple”

Landing on my Feet

It’s funny how I blow up certain fears in my head leading up to a big event. It’s as if I can imagine all the things that go wrong, I can somehow prevent myself from being surprised or control the outcome. The things I felt afraid of going into the Long Trail ended up beingContinue reading “Landing on my Feet”

A Little Glimmer

The other day I was driving along the Portland waterfront with a friend when we a saw a flock of 20-something-year-olds trot by in a group run. It was like something out of a commercial. They all looked so cheery, chipper, and bright-eyed. We couldn’t help but be at least a little amused. “Aww lookContinue reading “A Little Glimmer”

Trail Dancing

I just spent seven days on the Pacific Crest Trail with my very good friend KT and her husband Stephen. KT, still on the trail now, is on the way to fulfill her dream of running and hiking through Washington on the PCT while Stephen provides support along the way. I supported by hiking with KT for fiveContinue reading “Trail Dancing”

The Spaces We Fill

When we have a blank canvas in front of us, the tendency is to fill it up with colors, lines, textures… anything to make the space feel beautiful, meaningful, or well, just to put something there. For the first time in a long time, my future is suddenly a wide open space. It’s as if forContinue reading “The Spaces We Fill”


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