To the Faraway, Nearby

August 19th, 2020 – Middle Carter Mountain, NH – Day 44 on Appalachian Trail The AT has been on my mind a lot lately, stemmed by a talk I just gave to Pine Cobble School about my hike. I spent some time digging through all of my photos and picking out what I thought would interest them theContinue reading “To the Faraway, Nearby”

Trail Dancing

I just spent seven days on the Pacific Crest Trail with my very good friend KT and her husband Stephen. KT, still on the trail now, is on the way to fulfill her dream of running and hiking through Washington on the PCT while Stephen provides support along the way. I supported by hiking with KT for fiveContinue reading “Trail Dancing”

Three Days in the Smokies

Greetings from the Appalachian Folk School in Mountain City, Tennessee, where I’ll be posted up until next week when I attempt to run a women’s supported fastest known time of the 71 mile traverse of the Great Smoky Mountains, AKA the Smokies Challenge Adventure Run (SCAR)! I spent this past Thursday through Saturday doing reconContinue reading “Three Days in the Smokies”


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