Look at the Bigger Picture

On my 38th day on the Appalachian Trail after setting off at 4:00am with aching, blistered feet, I walked through the lush forest of the Green Mountains in Vermont as the sun rose. I tried to wrap my head around the gigantic task that lay ahead in completing nearly 50 miles before midnight, and per my unintendedContinue reading “Look at the Bigger Picture”

You Can Take the Runner off the Track, But…

I’m a creature of habit. I like everything from my daily routine to my calendar year to be “just so”. Since 2012 or so I’ve done my hair the same way, latched onto a style that my friend Lauren calls my “personal color palette” which has remained largely unchanged, I’ve eaten the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyContinue reading “You Can Take the Runner off the Track, But…”

A Happy Beginning for “THE TOE”

Greetings from Paducah, Kentucky! It’s been just over two weeks since I completed the Appalachian Trail on August 27th. I’ve begun several new long journeys since, including physically recovering, mentally unpacking my time on the AT (or at least trying to), and a solo road trip back home to Oregon. You’ve likely heard by nowContinue reading “A Happy Beginning for “THE TOE””