Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 7

Day 7 – Sunday 7/17/2022 Bear Hollow Shelter (218.3) to Northern Terminus / Canadian Border (272.0) 53.5 miles / 16,909 ft gain / 14,918 ft loss 2.6 mph Start: 11:28pm (Saturday 7/16) Finish: 8:12pm (Sunday 7/17) Elapsed: 20h 43m I woke up to my vibrating phone alarm, bzz-bzz-bzz-bzzzzzz. Bzz-bzz-bzz-bzzzzzz. I had chosen the “Beethoven’s 5th” setting whichContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 7”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 6

Day 6 – Saturday 7/16/22 Duxbury Road Trailhead (181.9) to Bear Hollow Shelter (218.3) 36.4 miles / 11,263 ft gain / 10,079 ft loss 2.3 mph Start: 3:04am Finish: 6:38pm Elapsed: 15h 34m When I left the trailhead this morning, my pack was as heavy as it had ever been. I knew water would beContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 6”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 5

Day 5 – Friday 7/15/2022 Emily Proctor Shelter (141.2) to Duxbury Road Trailhead (181.9) 40.7 miles / 11,276 ft gain / 12,869 ft loss 2.3 mph Start: 2:50am Finish: 8:29pm Elapsed: 17h 39m Since I had stopped so early yesterday evening, I got an extra early start today to allow enough time to get toContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 5”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 4

Day 4 – Thursday 7/14/2022 US-4 (104.5) to Emily Proctor Shelter (141.2) 36.7 miles / 9,810 ft gain / 7,762 loss 2.6 mph Start: 4:36am Finish: 6:38pm Elapsed: 14h 02m I took my time getting ready in the morning so I could reorganize my pack, separate my food into different bags for each day sinceContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 4”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 3

Day 3 – Wednesday 7/13/2022 Peru Peak Shelter (64.5) to US-4 (104.5) 40.0 miles / 8,155 ft gain / 8,878 ft loss 2.7 mph Start: 3:52am Finish: 6:43pm Elapsed: 14 hrs 51 min This day was tougher than expected. I felt pretty sleepy in the morning, even after taking some caffeinated Spring Energy gels andContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 3”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 2

Day 2 – Tuesday 7/12/2022 Goddard Shelter (24.1) to Peru Peak Shelter (64.5) 40.4 miles / 8,153 ft gain / 8,605 ft loss 2.7 mph Start: 4:51am Finish: 7:50pm Elapsed: 14h 59m It was nice to start the day only needing my headlamp for about half an hour before clicking it off. The sky wasContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 2”

Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 1

In a truly unexpected turn of events, I’m tickled to death and pleased as punch to share that this past Sunday, July 17th I broke the women’s self-supported record on the Long Trail, held by Jennifer Pharr Davis, in 6 days, 8 hours, and 12 minutes (pending verification). After my first two failed attempts I’mContinue reading “Long Trail: A New Approach – Day 1”

Long Trail: Here We Go!

Greetings from Jay, Vermont. My pack is packed (unlike what you see above haha), my alarm is set, my resupplies have been cached, and tomorrow I’ll start heading south from the US/Canada border doing my favorite thing in the world: eating lots of snacks. Oh, and hiking until I drop. Tomorrow, Sunday, July 3rd I’m attemptingContinue reading “Long Trail: Here We Go!”

Catamount 50K: Oh, the Humanity (and Humidity)!

This photo from the Catamount 50K makes me giggle. I see a strong, confident, playful person crossing the finish line and wouldn’t guess she’d spent the past 30+ miles feeling like a giant wimp. The mountains will humble you like that! I went into this race feeling a little apprehensive. I knew I was inContinue reading “Catamount 50K: Oh, the Humanity (and Humidity)!”