Embracing the Forgettable

Ah, January, my least favorite of the months. The holidays are over, the days are dark, the weather is cold and wet, the mundane routine is back, and summer is far, far away. I kicked the year off in Boston with a chilly out-and-back run with Glenn on the Boston Marathon course–a little preview of what’s to come inContinue reading “Embracing the Forgettable”

Hellgate 100K: Stoking the Fire Within

Photo by Jay Proffitt “Pay me now, or pay me later.” This infamous quote from the Hellgate 100K race director, Dr. David Horton, pretty much sums up how your race will go depending on how much blood, sweat, and tears went into your training. How much were you willing to sacrifice then, or how much areContinue reading “Hellgate 100K: Stoking the Fire Within”

It’s Not What You Do, but Who You Are

Thank you and shoutout to Katlyn Marchbanks for allowing me to share this digital single line drawing she created. A fellow runner and artist, she wrote, “I find your adventures inspiring. So I drew a picture.” Check out more of her artwork on her Instagram here. ~ For so long the future has seemed limitless andContinue reading “It’s Not What You Do, but Who You Are”

A Little Glimmer

The other day I was driving along the Portland waterfront with a friend when we a saw a flock of 20-something-year-olds trot by in a group run. It was like something out of a commercial. They all looked so cheery, chipper, and bright-eyed. We couldn’t help but be at least a little amused. “Aww lookContinue reading “A Little Glimmer”

Trail Dancing

I just spent seven days on the Pacific Crest Trail with my very good friend KT and her husband Stephen. KT, still on the trail now, is on the way to fulfill her dream of running and hiking through Washington on the PCT while Stephen provides support along the way. I supported by hiking with KT for fiveContinue reading “Trail Dancing”

Reconnaissance on the Long Trail

On the first evening of my Long Trail recon hike, I tossed and turned in the foldout bed in Adrienne Mitford’s dreamy turquoise striped Ford Econoline. Every time I closed my eyes there was a large brown dog barking and running full speed toward me, or I was tumbling backwards downhill on a slick jumbleContinue reading “Reconnaissance on the Long Trail”