Forty-eighth day Su 8/23/20

START:  Stratton Brook Pond Road   4:02am
FINISH:   Boise Rd.     10:15pm
41.5 mileby s      18:13     2.3 mph
2,057.7 total miles    42.9 mpd
Unexpected good weather

Mercury finished the last of the last of the ‘227-mile roughest, toughest section’ of the AT before noon and now has 146 miles left with fewer mountains with major descents/ascents left. It still will be 3.5 long days at the office with a left big toe that has gone from Vienna sausage size to summer sausage size but doesn’t look tasty at all.
She had a beautiful day atop the Bigelows (thanks Seth for walking with her in the morning and paddling her across the Kennebec during a beautiful dusk).
Jupiter will miss sitting and worrying under star-filled skies waiting for her lights to pierce the fir forest darkness as she finally comes in after a 17-20 hour day. She starts in morning darkness and ends in evening darkness giving new meaning to “This little light of mine, I’m gonna make it shine!” which she does with grace and dignified daily suffering.
Pegasus will not miss narrowly not colliding with galloping moose suddenly springing out of the undergrowth of logging roads.
We will be in the 100-mile ‘wilderness’ the next few days probably out of contact by phone and internet. Hopefully, will get a chance to post updates by late Wednesday afternoon.
Onward past Monson, ME and into the wilderness homestretch!

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