Forty-second day M 8/17/20

START: Franconia Notch   4:05 am
FINISH: Crawford Notch   4:27 pm
27.7 miles     12:22    2.2mph
1,858.2 total miles   44.2 mpd average
Another nice day to walk in the Whites

Mercury was joined by two fellas from Steep Endurance (who also walked with Karel Sabbe and Karl Meltzer) on this section. Thanks to Brian Vanderheiden for hiking the entire section with her and to Ted Erkkila for meeting up with them.
Mercury had great weather for the iconic timberline landscape of Franconia Ridge, negotiated the Abyss (just north of Mt. Garfield) safely and made good time running a bit on the last 7.5 miles from Zealand Falls.
She came in early and will have another good evening of sleep for recovery.
The new goal of under 52 days may allow Mercury to do the 100 miles of the Whites without getting too exhausted to start the 127 rough/tough miles through the mountain of western Maine.
This roadless section also allowed Jupiter to do some housekeeping, paperwork, answer emails, and eat some donuts at a relaxed pace. The finish point had special significance to the big guy because it marked the spot where he ended his 18th traverse of the entire AT two years ago at night in a deluge of tears of relief and joy!
Pegasus also was able to rest its weary hoofs as well.

Published by Warren Doyle

Has walked the entire Appalachian Trail more times than anyone else - 18 times.