Forty-fourth day W 8/19/20

START: Pinkham Notch   7:02 am
FINISH: Hogan Rd. 4:59 pm
21. 9 miles     9:57     2.2 mph
1,906.1 miles      43.8 mpd
Nice cool weather except for one rainstorm that didn’t last long

It was a good day for Mercury! She even ran a bit.
She met some Mercury fans along the way to boost her spirit.
She will get her fourth straight night of ‘normal’ sleep and is in good shape to face the last 297.7 miles, of which the next 127 miles is through the rough, tough, wild western Maine mountains.
Crossing into Maine before noon tomorrow and then on to Mahoosuc Notch – the ‘slowest’ mile of the entire trail.
Jupiter had a much needed four hour nap, wetting his pillow with a healthy amount of drool.  Maybe he should have worn a mask to bed?

Published by Warren Doyle

Has walked the entire Appalachian Trail more times than anyone else - 18 times.