Thirty-eighth day R 8/13/20

START: Vt. Rt. 140    4 am
FINISH: Vt. Rt. 12     11:50 pm 47.7 miles   19:50     2.4 mph
1,737.3 total miles       47.7 mpd
another nice day of weather

Mercury put in a ‘long day at the office’ but met her daily goal with no added hurt/injury.
Sore feet = slower pace = longer day = more night hiking = less sleep
“And that’s the way it is….”
11.5 days left if good weather prevails.
More wide boots (Mercury edit: wide running shoes) arriving tomorrow and we should be in NH by the early afternoon! (12 states down, just two to go)
Jupiter slept on a footbridge under a myriad of stars.

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