Thirty-sixth day T 8/11/20

START: Notch Rd.   4:02 am
FINISH: Stratton-Arlington Rd.  10:35 pm
44.1 miles  18:33   2.4 mph
1,646 total miles    45.7 mpd
Nice weather   a little warm
Jupiter is happy to report that Mercury is ‘back on track’ to finish under fifty days if the weather in the Whites permits her safe passage across their exposed ridgelines.
The day got off to an interesting start when Mercury actually got turned around and backtracked to where she started less than an hour earlier. She lost about a half-hour on that one. However, she showed very good mental resilience to still get to the original goal at the end of the day – she even beat a strong thunderstorm in co-mingling her two lights (headlight/flashlight) with a lightning and thunder accompaniment.
Jupiter now has entered Vermont – 11 states down and three to go!
She fell a few times, nothing serious, adding a few more bloodlines to her legs. Long-distance endurance hiking sure isn’t pretty.
While Mercury was out galavanting through the Green Mountains, Jupiter, channeling his ‘great white whale’ look, took a refreshing dip in a mountain stream and then topped it off  with five meatballs from Stewarts.
Onward through the mud, moss, ferns and ponds!

Published by Warren Doyle

Has walked the entire Appalachian Trail more times than anyone else - 18 times.