Thirty-third day S 8/8/20

START:   Hoyt Rd.   NY/CT stateline    5:50am
FINISH:  Iron Bridge   Falls Village, CT  9:15pm
36.7 miles      15:25    2.4 mph
1,505.3 total miles     45.6 mpd
Good weather

Mercury’s sore feet finally got a new pair of boots with a bigger toebox. Thank you Peter Wells! They seemed to make somewhat of a difference and hopefully more so over time.
Except for the two bouts with shin splints (now pretty much over) and sore feet/blistered toes, Mercury has done quite well injury-wise – no sore knees, ankles, hips and muscles which Jupiter finds remarkable.
She has not gotten a cold either. Perhaps walking over 45 miles a day through the mountains is good, preventative medicine?
She had four hiking companions for most of the day through CT but still had to contend with blowdowns. Jupiter had blowdown/road closures to drive around as an added challenge.
Mercury also had a nice encounter with a group of thru-hikers who offered her encouragement
A fall at dusk, nothing serious just unsettling, led to an early end to the day. It’s best not to continue into the night if one’s focus has been rattled.
As someone called Scarlet once said, “For tomorrow is another day.”
Massachusetts tomorrow morning!


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