Tenth day – R 7/16/20

START: Wilbur Dam Rd.     4:14am
FINISH: VA 601 (Beech Mt. Rd.)  10:20pm
56 miles   18:06    3.1 mph
487.4 total miles      48.7 mpd

The ‘extra’ sleep seemed to help. Mercury ran for the first time in about seven days and walked without a hiking pole.
This was her best day since day #2 and we hope she can keep it up.
She put North Carolina in her ‘rear-view’ mirror on her 8th day out and put Tennessee in a similar spot this afternoon. Hopefully, during the next ten day period, Mercury’s daily average will be in the low to mid-50s,
Three states down, eleven more to go!
Onward through Virgina!


Published by Warren Doyle

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