Friday Picks

I’m starting a weekly wrap up of sorts to share highlights from the week that have been useful to my training, health, and outlook on life. I’ll think of a more creative name eventually, but for now enjoy!



“Age is just a number to me. I don’t look it as my age as a disadvantage at all. I kind of look at it as an advantage because I have experience and I have have been here before. I told the guys before the race I was in this race in 2004 and they said, ‘Really?’ and I said ‘Yes!’ They couldn’t’ believe it!” Wise words from American Abdi Abdirahman after his third place finish in the New York City Marathon at the age of 39, via Competitor Magazine.



Speaking of Competitor, go out and grab the latest November/December issue that just hit the stands because you may see someone familiar in the “Everyday Runner” column! You can also read the related article online here. Huge thank you to Emily Polachek for sharing my story as a runner and musician.



Running On Veggies Winter Miso Sweet Potato Chick Pea Stew – I was able to make this recipe using ingredients I had on hand, which is rare for me. Throw some onions in a pot, cook until translucent, add miso paste (you can find at Whole Foods, one container lasts forever), spices, and potatoes, cook for half an hour, then at the last minute add chickpeas and greens (I used kale) and serve over quinoa. This meal was hearty and flavorful with low cost ingredients and was simple to make. I’m calling that a win.


Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 8.22.39 AM.png

This has not been my best training week. I’m feeling glum after the election and I’ve found myself glued to my computer screen and unmotivated to work. I’ve been getting my runs in, but have been skipping out on the extra things like hitting the gym and doing my PT drills. This simple tweet from pro runner and poet Alexi Pappas gave me encouragement to keep on keeping on.


Screen grab via letsrun

After 20-year-old Ghirmay Ghebreslassie of Eritrea crossed the finish line to victory in last weekend’s New York City Marathon, he ran back onto the homestretch to give a high five to second place finisher Lucas Rotich of Kenya, who had beaten him last year in the Hamburg Marathon. It was a small but heartening gesture of good sportsmanship.


Nike Free TR Focus Flyknit

I never thought I’d find myself buying cross trainers, but here we are. As I’ve been heading to the gym more to lift and do my balance and stability exercises, I decided to invest in a pair of shoes specifically for these activities so I wouldn’t have to add wear to my precious running shoes. And I’m so glad I did, because the Nike Free TR Focus Flyknit is awesome. The flyknit upper wraps around my foot like a sock and they’re lightweight and low profile while feeling supportive. The construction of the sole even fills out my higher arches. And I know this shouldn’t matter but they look super fly. They’re around the cost of a typical running shoe at $110.






4 responses to “Friday Picks”

  1. jhartz87 Avatar

    I like how you wore the Disco Spandos for a piece on your life as a runner and musician – so appropriate! And they’re just so bad ass looking too!

    1. Liz Avatar

      Oh thank you! I love them!

  2. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats Avatar

    I have to get that Competitor mag. I remember you talking about the photo shoot!! So fun to see it in print!! :)
    That Sweet potato stew looks delicious! I saw that on her blog. That is definitely on my list of things to make.

    1. Liz Avatar

      Thank you! I know Portland Running Co has it, but probably any local running store. The sweet potato/chick pea stew is so yummy and easy to make, definitely give it a try!


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